Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tyga hit it hard with this video although, with his harsh lyrics which kind of exploits women it  has a slaming beat.

Maybe because i love tyga i love this song but you know when you are in love you are blind.

 HOOK : Benzo, batman, thick hoe, lap dance
               Ass so fat need a lap dance
              Ass so fat I need a lap dance
              Benzo, batman, big hoe, lap dance
              Ass so fat need a lap dance
              Ass so fat I need a lap dance

                       LOVE oma.

cant explain

Monday, 13 June 2011

I am wearing a dress from


This outfit is inspired by my culture,and bright colours
Currently all over the world block colors are in, Block colors are the bright primary colors  Blue,Yellow,Red,Green e.t.c.

Everytime i go to nigeria there is always a fashion trend carried by teenagers either toms worn by both sex or bodycon skirts one by the Ladies, it shows how fashion spreads fast.

You may think that Nigeria is an overpopulated 3rd world country but to the wealthy it is paradise, To me it is paradise . The outfit above is what i would wear maybe to a little get together or a BBQ.

Mehnn i miss Nigeria

Sunday, 12 June 2011

As an African we all have our heritage,we cannot desert it an forget about it whether we are living abroad and away from our hometown,one of my favorite prints are the cultural prints,they are beautiful and bright.

My mom was one of the people who always inspired me to be into Fashion,she studied fashion designing and  my first fashion show was her own, it was in a bar and that was my proudest moment,she mixed cultural prints with jeans.

I hope each and everyone of  you can find a print that inspires you.


So here i am restarting a Blog.
 I hope you enjoy my posts:)